We believe your startup's DNA drives your success vfwgfiuwehf

What is Startup DNA? ervbereqrgqg

    • Vision -  We Help You Develop The "Why" Of The Organization
    • Strategy - We Help You Take Your Business From Concept To Launch with Strategic Planning, Marketing Strategy and Organizational Strategy Development
    • Values - We Develop Your Leadership Policies and Programs 
    • Culture - We Help You Craft The Culture In Your Office and Development Of Your Team

As a new business owner, we understand you are eager to launch your business. We also understand that you are pulled in many different directions. At Kendra Clark Leadership Strategies, we help you take your idea from concept to launch by helping you to create a solid foundation. It's easy as pie! Literally...Your foundation is found in your Organizational DNA, which is like a pie. Each component of the DNA is a slice of the pie. If one of the slices is missing, it's not whole. You need to function as a whole pie to achieve growth and success. If not, you will not operate at your maximum potential. vjberuivh ]jveir ifreiowfjoi3fj cij


    • Vision Development
    • Business Scaling
    • Strategic Planning
    • Marketing Strategy Development
    • Organizational Strategy Development


    • Leadership
    • Customer Service
    • Communication
    • New Hire 


    • Executive Coaching
    • CEO and Business Owner Strategy Sessions
    • Mentorship

How it works


We will review each slice of your pie to evaluate where you currently are and where you want to be.


We create a tailored proposal with a mixture of training, coaching and consulting to help give you and your team clarity and definition.


Activate and Celebrate! Happy Team equals happy clients which equals increased revenue!

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