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What Is Your Strength Zone?

Auto Zone has the famous jingle, " Get in the Zone! Auto Zone!". The same can be said about your strength zone. Get in your Zone! Find Your Strength Zone!

What is a strength zone? A strength zone is the areas that you excel in and where your passion lays. Do you know your strength zone? Do you work within your strength zone or do you work outside your zone, otherwise known as the area where your weaknesses lay? If you work within your zone and develop your weaknesses that lay inside your strength zone, you will be far more successful than if you look to the outside. If you focus only on developing your weaknesses outside of your strength zone, you will consistently feel like you are running into a brick wall. Where do you currently operate?

If you are reading this and wondering what is your strength zone, don't worry! Jim Sundberg writes, " Discover your uniqueness, then discipline yourself to develop it." Try running an exercise and reflect on these questions:
  • What am I doing well?
  • Be specific when you answer question #1 - the more specific, you will better find your sweet spot!
  • What do others praise you for?
  • What do others do better? Comparing yourself to others is not beneficial, but you also do not want to waste your time doing something that others do better. Former GE CEO Jack Welch said, " If you don't have a competitive advantage, don't compete."

Your strength zone is you! Your unique self! You are your best sales person!

When you take the time to develop your strength zone and develop your weaknesses that are inside your strength zone, you will grow far more substantially. However; if you focus on developing your weaknesses outside of your strength zone, you will continue to run into that brick wall. There is nothing wrong with having weaknesses outside your strength zone. As a leader, you are not expected nor should you be able to be perfect with no weaknesses. That is the beauty of a Team. Find team members whose strength zones differ from yours and you have a strategy for a winning Team!

Now go get in your strength zone!

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