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National Fun At Work Day...What's On Your Schedule

Today in the United States it is National Fun At Work Day!  It’s amazing how there is truely a day for everything.  Just to go on the record with complete transparency,  it’s also National Blueberry Pancake Day, National Daisy Day, National Lego Day and National Kazoo Day.  We got alot to celebrate!


While on the surface, you may be rolling your eyes at me thinking she definitley has not had her first cup of coffee yet this morning.   One does need to dig a bit deeper and pause for a moment.  I am a HUGE fan of National Fun At Work Day.  You may ask why,’s actually the foundation for the success of your team.  


Your organization’s DNA is the foundation for whether you and your team will be successful or not.  Your DNA equals the equation of vision + strategies + development + culture.  National Fun At Work Day falls right into the culture category of the DNA model. 


How your team gels together equates to how the culture functions in your office.  Good communication amongst team members equals good culture, team members who work together as a group equals good culture.  But when a team cannot communicate with each other and prefers to work as individuals rather than a team, then you have some culture issues that need to addressed. 


When the culture is bad within the team, it seaps into all aspects of the organization.  Other departments can be affected, customers and clients can be affected and growth and revenue is affected.  


When not addressed, the effects can linger and can ultimately end up being fatal for the organization.  I have experiened this first hand on a couple of occassions as both a member on the team and as the Manager.  The first was never fixed and I ended up leaving and the latter was improved by bringing the “Fun” back into the office! 


Do not underestimate the break in the day for fun.  I cannot reemphasize that enough....DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE BREAK IN THE DAY FOR FUN.


It can be as small as sending an email around the office of an old music video (any one remember this old coca cola commercial?) or gathering in an open space and just chit chatting about anything other than work.  


Or you can go bigger.  In my experience, potlucks or anything with food is a hit.  But what helped my situation was when I discovered that my team LOVED to bowl.  It became an almost quarterly team building experience.  We would close the office down for an afternoon and divide into teams and head down to the local bowling alley.  It was competitive ( I think certain employees started training - haha!), a distraction from the every day, but more importantly it got team members speaking to those they may not have in the regular office environment.  It got everyone into a neutral location and gave the opportunity for them to get to know each other as people, not as their job title.  The communication and team work always improved after our bowling afternoons.  My HR Manager and I would always talk about the magic of the bowling alley! 


So, what activity could be the bowling equivialent for your Team?


Also, don’t say money is an issue.  That is just a copout response.  I have managed under an extremeley tight budget, but with a little bit of creativity, you can come up with little to no cost activities. 


Take the time to schedule some fun into your team’s schedule.  It’s the best foundation builder that you could do.  Heck, go buy some lego kits and have a lego building competiiton today or have some blueberry pancakes at lunch for everyone!  See what I did there....just incorporated some of the other may want to hold off on the kazoos....just sayin’! 


Before I sign off for today, please also remember that taking some time out of your day for fun is not just for your team.  It’s for YOU as well.  I once had a boss tell me that he had to put his oxygen mask on first before he could help me.  Just like the safety briefing in airplanes.  It’s such a true statement.  When you take that break, you will come back reengergized and with a clear head, ready to hit the ground running.  When you are in that state of mind, then you can help provide oxygen for your team. 


Go have some fun today! 






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